December 2015 Newsletter

We had a short club meeting starting with the Pledge of Allegiance then last months minutes read by our secretary Donna Gillespie followed by Bill Castle’s treasurers report. Bill Castle also informed us that on a recent trip to California he got a good deal on silver coins for our monthly drawings and purchased enough for the entire 12 months and saved the club a tidy sum by getting them in bulk. Good going Bill. Bonnie Philips made a motion to accept the minutes and treasurers report as read which was seconded by Mike Hurkman’s and passed with a show of hands.

The next item on the agenda was the drawings for the silver coins. We gave away six this month and the winners were: Walking Liberty 1/2 dollar – Bonnie Philips, Mercury dime – Bill Castle, Mercury dime – Rand Gillespie, and Roosevelt dimes were won by Sharon Hurkmans, Sharon Bruner and Ray Philips. Randy Gillespie and Bill Castle conducted the drawing as Lynn Richards was visiting his daughter and family in Wisconsin.

The fifty fifty drawing was won by Bonnie Philips.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Dan Trenary and seconded by Rand Gillespie, meeting adjourned at 12:45 eastern time.

We then had our yoopercoinshooters Christmas party and meal which consisted of ham, swedish meatballs and potatoes & gravy with other side dishes of corn, green beans and cole slaw followed with deserts of cake, and lemon meringue pie with coffee and soda. Karen Castle also brought some delicious pumpkin treats she’d made. After the meal we exchanged “White Elephant” gifts.

The club purchased the food at Gordon’s Food Service and Super One foods in Escanaba and was prepared for serving by Bill and Karen Castle, Sharon Bruner and Donna Gillespie. They did an awesome job! I made the coffee, which doesn’t qualify for awesomeness.

It was brought up and ok’d by the members to purchase the food at Gordon’s Foods for future club meals.

The next item on the agenda was the first annual drawing for the winner of the attendance contest…….and the winner was, Dan Trenary. He received a silver peace dollar and a silver Morgan dollar. Way to go Dan. During the 2015 calendar year a member had their name put into a container for each meeting they attended and the winner was drawn. A member could win with one chance or a dozen or more chances, just the luck of the draw.

For the gift exchange each member received a ticket and the stub was put into a drum and what ever ticket was drawn, the corresponding number took a present from the table which were marked man or woman. I think it was a fun party and meal and we’ll continue having the same venue every year. We started the Christmas and “White Elephant” party on December of 2014.

As Donna Gillespie said near the end of the party, “Good food, good people and a great time!! Well said, Donna. See ya all at the next one in 2016.

The next regular meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club will be on Saturday, January 30th at 12:30 pm eastern time at my residence, Bay View Manor, 217 Dakota avenue in Gladstone,MI