February – Monthly Meeting Yooper Coinshooters

A regular meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club was called to order at 12:37 pm on Saturday, February 27th.

After the Pledge Of Allegiance was said Donna Gillespie read the minutes from the January meeting.


Bill Castle gave the treasurers report. Bill has held the treasurers position since the club started and asked if someone else could take the job of treasurer. Rand Gillespie has volunteered to serve as the new treasurer. Thank you Rand and a big thanks to Bill for the past five years as treasurer. Bill is in training for a position in the work force and it’ll take a good share of his free time. Bill will still be in charge of club caps awarded to any new members.

The club treasury received $15.40 from Mike and Sharon Hurkmans from their soda cans deposit. The Hurkmans have been very generous as this is the fourth time they’ve donated their soda cans to the club.

We did have four new members join the club and we extend a big welcome into our club to Joe Martin from Sault Ste Marie, Joe Sachaschik from Escanaba, Kelly King from the Gladstone area and Al Marohnic from Escanaba. Joe Martin got his club cap in the mail and the other three new members will receive theirs at the March meeting.

Happy belated birthday to Mike Hurkmans which was yesterday, March 2nd.

Speaking of birthdays, Glenn Chenier had one on February 28th. Upcoming birthdays in March are March 3rd, Mark Elder, March 7th, Joe Martin, March 8th, Craig Paoli and March 17th, Cindy Pleaugh. Happy belated and upcoming birthdays to all.

I asked if any members had any detector related items for sale and listed the following in our for sale section on the home page of our site: Tom Robison has a D tech coil for sale. For more info call Tom at 1-907-726-7320. Bonnie Philips has a Bounty Hunter detector for sale call Bonnie at 1-906-789-0095, Lynn Richards has a White’s Beach Hunter 300 water detector for sale Call Lynn at – 906-786-5055. I have a Minelab Etrac detector with carrying case, headphones, rechargeable battery pack and charger. $1000. Call Bill at (906) 428-9897.

I informed the club about an upcoming club hunt at a boy scout site on top of the Whitefish hill some time in early spring and as soon as the snow melts and the ground thaws.

At the March meeting, Bill Castle is going to bring a list of old and present scout camps in the U.P. which will give some new places to detect.

Next on the agenda Lynn Richards gave out the blue tickets for the silver coin drawings, winners were as follows: Walking Liberty half dollar won by me (Bill Bruner), Mike Hurkmans a Mercury dime, Donna Gillespie a silver Rosie dime, Pete Harvala a silver Rosie dime and Sharon Hurkmans a silver Rosie dime. Pete, You finally won a silver coin!

Next agenda item was the 50/50 drawing. Lynn Richards passed out the white tickets at $1.00 each and Bill Castle won……….This makes Bill a six time winner of the 50/50 drawing, I hope he’s reporting all this on his state and federal tax in April?

Congratulations to all winners of the drawings.

signal-detectionI told the usual couple jokes and the remainder of the meeting was spent helping members with their detectors. Lynn Richards brought in some slats with different denominations of coins glued on them and members took turns waving their detector coils over the coins and recording the numbers each coin read. This will help members to familiarize themselves with the different targets they detect and make it easier to know a good target from junk. Other items we used for target numbers were silver and gold rings, pull tabs, nails, and bottle caps (aluminum and steel).

We got so into the detector assistance that we forgot to adjourn the meeting so, I’ll officially adjourn the meeting now as I write this newsletter at 10:25 am on March the 3rd 2016. My parrot, Bo, will second the motion….meeting adjourned! The next meeting will be at 12:30 pm EST on March 26th.

That’s it for this one, happy hunting and don’t forget to cover your holes……PLEASE.