April Meeting Yooper Coin Shooters


Well, here we are in the month of May already. I did get out detecting 2 times in April and once in May and have only found a couple wheaties so far.

As I write this newsletter I am finally starting to feel normal again. For the last 11 days I spent 1 day at St. Francis ER department getting a CT scan then 2 days in Marquette General undergoing an MRI and various other tests for severe vertigo which after lots of medication seems to have finally got me back to normal.

Very good news, Lynn Richards is out of the hospital and on the road to recovery. I just talked to him on the phone and he’s doing a little more around the house every day. Lynn was a very sick man for a while!

Ok, back to the meeting.

We had our Yooper Coinshooters metal detecting club meeting on Saturday, April 30th and had a fair turnout. The meeting was called to order at 12:41 eastern time. We had a short meeting because the club, led by Bill Castle, went on a hunt at an old homestead site at the nearby village of Flatrock that Bill had set up. They did a recently plowed field and will probably return to it again once the farmer has a chance to disc it, which will make it better to detect as the ground will be more even.

Click this pic to view more pictures of this club hunt in the assorted members gallery.
Click this pic to view more pictures of this club hunt in the assorted members gallery.

After the pledge of allegiance, Donna Gillespie read the minutes from the March meeting which were accepted as read and she also did the treasurers report which was accepted as reported by the membership. The reason Donna did the treasurers report was her husband Randy had another commitment. We’re in fine shape financially!

We invited a new member to our club, Ray Roberts from Ishpeming. Ray received a club cap and several club cards. Welcome to the club Ray.

We’re still planning to have another club hunt on highway 509 near the top of the Whitefish Hill past Rapid River. I’ll keep everyone posted on that one and the one in the Flatrock area.

Next on the agenda was the 50/50 drawing which was won by Bill Castle. The 5 silver coins drawing was next and resulted as follows: Walking liberty half dollar – Sharon Hurkmans, Barber dime – Tom Robison, Mercury dime – Bill Castle, Mercury dime – Donna Gillespie and a silver Rosie by yours truly, Bill Bruner. Bill Castle collected for both drawings….thanks Bill.

We voted on having our May meeting a little earlier next month because of Memorial day. A vote was taken and it was unanimous for the 21st of May at our usual time of 12:30 eastern time.

I want to thank the following for snacks brought to the meeting: Sharon Bruner for the cookies, Dan Trenary for the donuts, Bill Castle’s wife Karen for the cake and Mike and Sharon Hurkmans for the cream puffs. If we all keep eating these snacks, we won’t have to worry about wrinkles in our tummies!

I also let the membership know that our site has a new look. My son is a website designer and after a couple conversations we settled on some changes to be made to the site. I’m asking the membership to navigate the new site for awhile then convey their thoughts on the changes and if they have any other suggestions, to contact me. I’m sold on it!

Speaking of sold, I still have my Minelab etrac for sale also about 1,100 wheat cents from the teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s at 3 cents apiece.

In wrapping this newsletter up I’d like to thank all of the clubs members for sticking it out while the club experienced growing pains. We now have 32 members! Not all can make the monthly meetings as they have jobs, businesses and other commitments but they still maintain their club membership. A very huge THANK YOU TO ALL.

OK, that’s it for this one. Don’t forget to cover your holes……………PLEASE.