June Meeting Yooper Coinshooters

We held our yoopercoinshooters club meeting at Escanaba’s Ludington park on Saturday, June 25th. The meeting was called to order at 12:41 pm followed by the members saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

Our secretary Donna Gillespie and her husband, Rand, our treasurer, had another obligation in Wisconsin so their reports were not available.

We welcomed club member Tom Robison back. Tom recently lost his father and the members conveyed their condolences to Tom.

I reminded the members that July 22nd at 9 am eastern time will be our next “adopt a highway” pickup. We’ll meet in the parking lot near the railroad tracks at the intersection of U.S.2 & 41 & Highway M-69, (Perronville/Schaffer road).

At the April meeting Dan Trenary made a suggestion to make a donation to a local worthwhile group to help them with their cause. After some discussion, we decided to table the motion until our treasurer and secretary return at the July meeting.

We also welcomed Lynn Richards back. Lynn has been undergoing medical procedures for the past several months and should be 100 percent healthy sometime in August. Great news!

Lynn is the clubs assistant treasurer. He’s also the clubs, “Mr. Fixit” and is very handy when the club needs an item made. Lynn also oversees the fifty-fifty and the silver coin give away drawings.

member-findsI asked members to show some of their recent finds. Bill Castle showed the members that his gold looking ring is really sterling silver and, a religious medallion he found at an undisclosed location. Next was Pete Harvala showing us a nice 14K ring with a blue stone. I posted the pictures of their finds on the members treasure gallery.

I also mentioned again that I have a Minelab etrac detector for sale with carrying case and digging tool. I also have wheat cents and silver coins to sell.

Next on the agenda was the silver coin drawings. 1 ticket per member, no cost. The first was a Franklin half dollar, won by Sharon Bruner. Next were three Mercury dimes won by Ray Philips, Sharon Hurkmans, and Lynn Richards. Last but not least was a silver Rosie dime won by Bonnie Philips.

Next agenda item was the 50/50 drawing and the winning ticket holder was Bill Castle. Congrats to all drawing winners.

Next agenda item were a few jokes I usually tell. As a side note, I got some laughs but I will not be doing any on stage comedy routines!

I want to thank the following for the meeting snacks brought to the meeting: Sharon Bruner: cookies, The Hurkmans: cookies, and Dan Trenary: Nutter bars.

I arranged a small coin hunt for select members and the winners were as follows: 1st place Pete Harvala – 2nd place Dan Trenary – 3rd place Mike Hurkmans and 4th place was Bonnie Philips. They all received different denominations of silver coins donated by me.

The next regular meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club will be on July 30th at 12:30 pm eastern time at the same area, near the bandshell in Escanaba’s Ludington park. As always, if it rains the meetings will be at my residence, Bayview Manor in the dinning room at 217 dakota avenue in Gladstone.

We have a new video on the main page of our website. My son and I were recently at Brimley state park and we made a video of me of doing a plug for the extracting coins, etc. that we I.D. when metal detecting. The video is about one minute and thirty seconds long and is my interpretation of cutting a plug. I know there are other ways of doing a plug but, I think this type allows easy extraction of objects detected while leaving the area in pristine condition. This was my son’s introduction to the world of metal detecting. He detected and unearthed 5 coins. I hope he’s hooked on detecting!

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Bonnie Philips and seconded by Bill Castle. Meeting adjourned at approx. 1:37

Well, that’s it for this one. See you in July and don’t forget to cover your holes…………………PLEASE.