July Newsletter Yooper Coin Shooters


The Yooper Coinshooters metal detecting club meeting was held in Escanaba’s Ludington park on July 30th and was called to order at 12:32 pm.

After the pledge of allegiance, Donna Gillespie read the minutes from the June meeting and a motion was made by Bonnie Philips to accept them as read which was seconded by her husband Ray.

Next was the treasurers report by Rand Gillespie informing us on our clubs financial status, which is very good.

I’m going to suggest having most future meetings at my residence in the dining room. It’s a real job moving those extra heavy picnic tables together and also in a shaded area. We also had a problem the previous month with a wedding taking place ajacent to our meeting area and had to move a considerable distance to finish the meeting. Then there’s the threat of rain or high winds in Ludington park which is generally an open area and right next to the lake.

I asked the members if anyone has gone to the site where I planted the coins for the June meeting. If so, did you find any? There were still 63 of the 69 coins I planted left in the ground after a one hour hunt by four members. The coins were buried at a depth not exceeding 2 1/2 inches. A few days ago I setup a test area to see if members could detect a few coins at a certain depth. If so, I think at future hunts we’ll plant the coins at that depth. We’ve been putting them at 1 to 2-1/2 inches deep and many times they’re still in the root system making it harder to retrieve them and leave an intact plug. When coins are at a shallow depth it’s a lot easier to retrieve them with a probe after pinpointing them followed by a slit in the ground and popping them out of the ground.

When I started detecting 43 years ago I never took a plug….ever, even for coins at depths of 6 inches. I used a long screwdriver or fiberglass shaft glued into a handle. If using the screwdriver, I sharpened it to a dull point and probed for the coin. I know you can put a scratch on a coin even with a dull probe and I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t, but that’s the way I was taught by Danny Weissert back in the early seventies. I just started taking a plug in the last 8 or nine years.

When a coin you have detected shows it’s at a shallow depth try raising your coil a few inches and it’ll be easier to pinpoint. When we have a coin hunt I notice a lot of members spending way too much time after locating a coin with their detector trying to find the coin detected. This hobby can sometimes be a little costly but, I strongly suggest trying to purchase a pinpointer. Bounty Hunter sells one for $38.89. It’s sold by Walmart. You’ll probably have to order it and would be able to be picked up at your local store. Google the pinpointer and look at the reviews and chatter on detector forums and also look on Youtube, then judge for yourself. Other pinpointers sell from $99.00 to $148.00. You can also check out a new or used one on Ebay.

I also conveyed my thoughts on donating club money to good causes in our area and at the same time get some club recognition. I thought it’d be nice to give back to our community and at the same time get exposure and recognition for the yoopercoinshooters club, but where do we draw the line?

Some members mentioned giving to this entity and some said give to that entity. I’ve come to this conclusion, If we give to one and not the other it’ll cause bitterness and dissention amongst our members. Maybe it’d be best if we just keep the money in the club and use it for things like buying silver coins for our monthly silver coin drawings and other financial costs. I mentioned that as far as prizes for our annual picnic, etc. I think in the future it may be harder to keep getting yearly donations from detecting companies. I think we should start concentrating a good deal more on the local merchants for prizes and take what we can get from detector companies. I’ll make a few calls and see what I can come up with. Most detector companies would like a 60 day notice on event donations so, we’ll get in at about the right time.

At the meeting, we did start making plans for our yearly picnic and I’ll keep all members posted on what we come up with. I called for a special meeting of officers on August 5th at 10 am and I’m anticipating some rather large changes in our picnic agenda this fall.

I then informed the members that I’d recently sent a couple sets of damaged headphones it to White’s at Sweet Home, Oregon. About two weeks later I got them back as good as new and there were no charges. I believe some (or all?) headphones have a lifetime warranty.

I did the usual 2 jokes which left every rolling on the ground with laughter.

Next on the agenda were the coin drawings. These coins are donated by the club and usually consist of a half dollar, 2 Mercury dimes and 2 Roosevelt dimes. All coins are silver.

The winners were: Walking liberty half dollar: Kelly King, Mercury dime: Bill Bruner, Mercury dime: Sharon Hurkmans, Rosie dime: Bill Castle, Rosie dime: Rand Gillespie.

Next on the agenda was the 50/50 drawing which was won by Sharon (lucky) Hurkmans.


We did the Adopt A Highway cleanup on Friday July 23rd. We had just enough for the job and finished up in a little over an hour and a half. We started at 9am eastern time and the temperature was already in the mid seventies.

We then met up at the Donut Connection for coffee, soda and donuts and a gab session.

I still have a Minelab Etrac metal detector for sale. Included are rechargable battery pack, AAA battery pack, digging scoop and Minelab carrying case for $1000.00.

I want to thank the following for snacks they brought to the meeting: Elaine Harvala, donuts – Mike/Sharon Hurkmans, pastries – Sharon Bruner and Dan Trenary for the cookies. WOW! Instead of eating all that, we should have a bake sale in the park each month!

The next regular yoopercoinshooters club meeting will be on Saturday August 27th at 12:30 pm, est at my residence, Bayview Manor, 217 Dakota avenue in Gladstone Michigan.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 1:40 pm

Well, that’s another meeting and newsletter in the books, next thing we know we’ll be pushing snow………………..yikes!

Don’t forget to cover your holes…………………..PLEASE