August Newsletter Yooper Coin Shooters

We held our August meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club Saturday the 27th at my residence, Bayview Manor in Gladstone Michigan.

The meeting was called to order at 12:32 pm and the Pledge of Allegiance followed.

Donna Gillespie gave the secretary report followed by her husbands (Rand) treasurers report which were accepted as read by the members. Rand also acknowledged Linda Richards as the clubs newest member and she will receive a club cap. A big hug and welcome to Linda. Rand also reimbursed me for the Garrett package we always purchase for our annual picnic. I also received reimbursment for printer ink. Rand has also been calling members that their club dues are to be paid by the end of August or at the annual picnic. He also is asking if and what dish they’ll be bringing to the picnic.

Donna Gillespie and Bonnie Philips are canvassing the Escanaba merchants for donations for prizes to our September club picnic. They have a list of 40 merchants to visit.

Yesterday Dan Trenary phoned me and we’re getting together this Friday (9/2/2016) to do the same at 20 merchants in Gladstone.

On Friday August 5th I asked for a special officers meeting at Lynn Richards home and we discussed the following: I informed the officers that I’d contacted Garrett, Tesoro, and Minelab detector companies for events packages donations.

We decided that drawings for members and spouses at the picnic and any club meetings are as follows: Special drawings and all monthly silver coin drawings are for members only. The fifty-fifty and door prize drawings are for members and their spouses. The picnic is for members and spouses only, no children. No alcoholic beverages allowed at any club functions.

As of this year all meetings and club picnics will be held at my residence, Bayview Manor in Gladstone Michigan. In the past we had monthly meetings at Ludington park in Escanaba but occasionally the weather didn’t cooperate or we had to drag those heavy picnic tables to a central area and two occasions their were other events going on in the same vicinity as our meeting. As for the picnic venue change, Donna Gillespie called Pioneer Trail park for our rental of one of the 2 pavilions and they told Donna that the adjacent pavilion was rented out the same day as our picnic and it was to be for a wedding and reception. The 2 pavilions are about 20 feet apart! Donna tried for other dates for the pavilion but all for September were taken and October would be too late as far as weather in this area. This was the reason for change of venue for the events.

With the money we’ll be saving from pavilion rental, we’ll be adding special drawings for cash and a debit card. Unfortunately we will not be holding a coin hunt which was brought up by me at our August meeting. Their was one objection to this and we agreed to table this until probably the October meeting and we’ll have a solution for the hunt for future events. We can’t have a coin hunt at my residence as this is a housing development and it would interfere with other tenant activities.

The club is furnishing sloppy joes, hot dogs, soda, and cake. Members are bringing a salad or hot dish to pass around.

For the door prize drawings we will put 10 prizes on a table and a container behind each prize. If a member wants to try for a specific prize they’ll purchase a one dollar ticket and put the ticket stub in the container/containers they choose and a winning ticket will be drawn for each prize. There’s no limit on the number of tickets a member can purchase for each prize. This way a member won’t be winning a prize they don’t want or don’t need. These door prize drawings are held to generate money so the club can hold different events throughout the year.

I also mentioned that I’d like to bring back the “Simon Says” event to this years picnic and asked for a volunteer and Bonnie Philips stood up and answered my call for assistance. Thank you Bonnie!

We also deleted #23 of our club guidelines.

Next on the agenda was the 50-50 drawing which was won by Bonnie Philips. See Bonnie, you got rewarded for volunteering for Simon Says!

Next agenda item was the silver coin drawings which were as follows: Walking liberty half dollar won by Ray Roberts – Mercury dime won by me, Bill Bruner – and silver Rosie dimes won by Bonnie Philips, Joe Sachaschik and Lynn Richards.

I want to thank the following for the snacks brought to the meeting: Bill Castle, Mike and Sharon Hurkmans, Dan Trenary, Ray Roberts, Lynn Richards and Sharon Bruner. I made the coffee and put out some soda and bottled water. Holy cow, we could have had a bake sale or opened a bakery!!!

I told the usual 2 jokes (they’re still laughing?)

The next meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club will be at the annual picnic on Saturday, September 24th at Bayview Manor in Gladstone Michigan at 12:30 EST.

The next Adopt A Highway pickup will be on Friday September 30th at 9am EST at the intersection of U.S. 2/41 and M-69 (Perronville road). Park in the share a ride lot by the railroad tracks.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 1:35

Til the next newsletter, happy hunting and don’t forget to cover your holes………….PLEASE.