October Club Meeting


We held our October 22nd, 2016 meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club at Bayview Manor in Gladstone, Michigan.

I had asked all members if we could hold the October meeting a week early.

After the pledge of allegiance, we heard the secretary’s report presented by Donna Gillespie. She always does a fine and thorough presentation, thank you Donna.

Next was the treasurers report by Rand Gillespie and he also did a fine job, as usual. We are financially sound as expenditures go and have a few bucks left over, thank you Rand. I did give Rand a receipt for coffee and cups I’d picked up and was reimbursed.

The next item on my monthly agenda was about having a potluck meal at each and every meeting. After a lengthy discussion we decided to do as we’ve been doing and just bring a treat or dish to a meeting as we have in the past.

At the September meeting I’d tabled a discussion about a club hunt for prizes. At todays meeting, I re-opened the subject and we agreed to have the Donna Gillespie suggested hunt “spring fling” in late May or early June each year starting in 2017. The prizes will consist of coins like Indian cents, buffalo and “V” nickels and silver coins of different denominations. We just have a few more details to iron-out and we have 7 plus months to complete this.

We also briefly discussed our yearly “white elephant” christmas party and meal. We’ll also present the prize for the winner of the yearly attendance contest.

I also did my yearly reminder to the members about replacing the fluid in the windshield washer reservoirs with a stronger (like minus 20 degrees) fluid.

I also reminded members that visit the local Veterans facility and receive travel allowance that there may be a small change in their allowance pay depending on the distance they travel and their city location.

october-meeting-luncheon Next on my agenda were the usual 2 jokes which received a couple chuckles. I’ll try harder next month, I promise!

Next agenda item was the silver coin drawings, which went as follows: walking liberty 1/2 dollar – Rand Gillespie, mercury dime – Bonnie Philips, mercury dime – Elaine Harvala (sorry Pete), mercury dime – Lynn Richards, and a silver Roosevelt dime to Donna Gillespie.

A little about future coin drawings: For the future, we have enough silver coins to get us through the January meeting. I talked to a local coin dealer and he’ll try and supply us with silver coins at spot price. In the event he can’t we’ll be using Indian cents and other denominations of older coins.

Next agenda item was the 50/50 drawing which was won by Bill “lucky” Castle.

Lynn “Mr. Fixit” Richards conducts our 50/50 and coin drawings every month. Lynn is a real asset to the club. Whenever the club needs a banner holder, ticket container, or what have you, he always gets it done.

Last but not least a big thanks to all that brought snacks to the meeting and are as follows: Sharon Bruner, Sharon Hurkmans, Ray Roberts, Bill Castle, and Dan Trenary. Donna Gillespie brought her slow cooker and hamburger buns with sloppy joes we had left from our picnic. We eat pretty good at our meetings, don’t ya think?

The next meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club will be on Saturday, November 26th at 12:30 pm EST at Bayview Manor in Gladstone, MI.

OK, that’s it for this one. Happy hunting and don’t forget to cover your holes,………..PLEASE.