Yooper Coinshooters Annual Picnic, Newsletter

meeting-banquet-foodToday is Saturday, the first day of October 2016, and the 2016 picnic is history. We had a good turnout for the picnic with several members spouses showing up.

I started with a fairly short meeting. We decided to not have our 50/50 drawing and the monthly silver coin drawings, but they’ll resume with the October meeting.

I made a suggestion to have a potluck at all regular club meetings.

I also informed the members that Yahoo had been severely hacked and it’d be a good idea to change all of your passwords.

I made a suggestion recently, and was given the nod from the membership, to hold all club meetings and picnics in the future at my residence (Bayview Manor) in Gladstone. Meetings will always start at 12:30 pm eastern time.

We welcomed two new members into the club. Elaine Harvala (Pete’s wife) and Matt Smith from Shingleton are our newest members. Elaine usually take our regular club meeting picture for the newsletter.

We also talked about our decision to suspend the annual coin hunt this year and tabled this until the October meeting when I may have a solution as to resuming a club annual coin hunt.

Bonnie Philips made a motion and was seconded by Linda Richards to adjourn the meeting which was done at 12:30 pm.

Donna and Rand Gillespie’s son Todd was in town visiting and we asked him to do some photography and also assist Lynn with the tickets for the prize drawings. In other words, we made him work for his meal. Sharon Hurkmans also took pics and sent them to me from her home in Iron River. Sharon always takes pics at club doings and between hers and mine not too much is missed.

banquet-tableNow, we eat! I can’t begin to tell you how great the food was! This was by far the best buffet of food we’ve ever had at any meeting or picnic. I’ll be posting quite a few pictures and you’ll see what I’m talking about. The club furnished the dogs and sloppy joes and the members wives prepared some really scrumptious dishes. Hats off to the ladies.

After polishing off some food we held quite a number of door prize drawings. We also had donations from Garrett detecting company as well as Minelab detectors.

Donna Gillespie canvassed the Escanaba areas merchants for donations to our door prize drawings. Dan Trenary and myself canvassed the Gladstone area. These local donations along with the detecting company’s generosity have been so helpful in making our picnic a success for the last four years.

The door prizes won are too numerous to mention so I’ll just mention the winners of the metal detectors donated by Garrett and Minelab. The winners: Ray Roberts won the Garrett Ace 350 and Linda Richards won the Minelab GoFind detectors.

The club also donated some cash for special drawings and the winners were as follows: twenty five dollars cash to Linda Richards and Lynn Richards. Fifty dollars cash to Pete Harvala, One hundred dollars cash to Ron Chouinard, and, last but not least, a one hundred dollar debit card to Joe Sachaschik. Congratulations to all drawing prize winners and special drawing winners.

Bonnie Philips did the “Simon Says” contest. It was her first time being the emcee for it and she had everyone but Ron Chouinard out in less than two minutes! Ron won the contest and Bonnie won the emcee job for all future picnics. I donated a cash prize for the winner.

The next regular yoopercoinshooters meeting will be on Saturday October 29th at 12:30 pm EST at my residence.


We did our “Adopt A Highway” cleanup on Friday September 30th and I want to thank the following for participating: Bill Castle, Donna and Rand Gillespie, Sharon Bruner, and Dan Trenary. The next pickup will be in the spring of 2017. After the highway cleanup we all went to the Donut Connection for donuts, coffee and soda.

That’s about it for this one, see ya at the next regular meeting. Happy hunting, and don’t forget to cover your holes……..please.