December Club Meeting and White Elephant Party

Hello to all and happy holidays. The year is coming to a close and for me the sooner the better. I hope the spring months go as fast as the summer of 2016 did so I can get out detecting in 2017. So many coins and so little time!

We held our annual Christmas, White elephant party of the yoopercoinshooters on Saturday December tenth at my residence and everyone had a good time.

We had a short meeting so we could carry on with the white elephant gift exchange and dig into the food.

Tom Robison had called me before the meeting and advised me he wouldn’t be attending. See ya next year Tom.

At 12:40 pm, the meeting was called to order.

We started off with the pledge of alliagence followed by the secretary report by Donna Gillespie. The next agenda item was the treasurers report by Rand Gillespie. As always the club is in very good shape financially. The secretary’s minutes and Rands financial report we’re accepted as read by the membership.

I informed the membership that I’d sold my Minelab etrac on Ebay last week so now I’m down to my Garrett AT Pro and my other etrac, after all, I only have two hands.

Some of the members (Rand and Ray) have some really neat walking sticks. I asked Rand Gillespie and Matt Smith what the sticks were made from and they said Diamond Willow and they get it mostly at Matt Smith’s hometown area.

Next I told the usual two jokes which got a few laughs. It’s getting harder all the time to find a couple really funny, clean jokes.

A motion was made to adjourn by Bill Castle and seconded by Ray Philips, meting adjourned about 1pm.

Donna and Rand Gillespie picked up the food at Kentucky Fried Chicken and brought it to the meeting. Thanks to the both of you. The food consisted of the following: Chicken breasts, legs, and some thighs. We also had mashed potatoes and gravy with cole slaw and rolls. I put out some soda and made coffee. Karen Castle made a cake, Elaine Harvala made pistachio pudding bars, Bonnie Philips made banana bread and my wife Sharon Bruner made blueberry yum yum and put out a large can of Bush’s beans.

After eating we exchanged gifts. A white elephant gift is something you have around the house you don’t need or don’t want. Keep it clean and no broken items. Please don’t go to the store and buy a gift. After wrapping, mark the gift if it’s for a male or female.

Next were the Silver coin drawings for the members. Each member received a free ticket for the drawing and it went as follows: Walking Liberty half dollar, Sharon Bruner – Mercury dime, Dan Trenary – Mercury dime, Elaine Harvala – Rosevelt dime, Donna Gillespie – Roosevelt dime, Pete Harvala

Next agenda item was the fifty-fifty drawing which was won by (Mister Lucky), Bill Castle.

This is the time of the year for the attendance drawing. Every time a member attends a meeting they get their name put into a drum and at the December meeting we draw two names, one for a silver Peace dollar and one for a silver Morgan dollar. The Peace dollar was won by Bonnie Philip and I (Bill Bruner) won the Morgan dollar. Last year we drew one name for the two silver dollars but this year I suggested having two drawings for the coins, kinda spread it around a little.

The next regular meeting of the yoopercoinshooters will be on January 28th at 12:30 EST at my residence, Bayview Manor in Gladstone Michigan.

That’s it for this one. If your hearty enough to go detecting in the weather we’ve been getting, have at it and…Don’t forget to cover your holes…PLEASE.