November Members Meeting

UGH! Detecting season is quickly coming to a close, in fact as I write this newsletter it has finished, kaput, ended, and gone by the wayside. My last day of detecting was on November 29th at Escanaba’s Ludington park. I did manage to find a few coins even though the temperature was only 36 degrees and windy. I lasted one hour and fourteen minutes and found several coins consisting of 3 clad quarters, 5 clad dimes, 13 zincon Lincolns, and a 1947-P silver Rosie dime. Anyways, on with the regular part of the newsletter.

We held our regular meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club on November 26th at 12:30 pm at Bayview Manor in Gladstone, Michigan. We had a fair attendance being as it was the latter part of the Michigan gun deer season.


The meeting was called to order at 12:35 and after the Pledge Of Allegiance we heard from our secretary Donna Gillespie with a reading of the minutes from the October meeting which were accepted as read with a motion by Bonnie (Huggy Bear) Philips and seconded by Sharon Hurkmans.

Next on the agenda our club treasurer, Rand Gillespie, made the financial presentation which is looking very good. I gave Rand $25.20 cash from bottle/can return money that Mike and Sharon Hurkmans donated to the club again. Thank you so much Mike and Sharon. I think this is the fourth time they’ve donated their bottle/can money to the club. This money will definitely be put to good use. I gave Rand a name and number to call to get a price on silver coins we give out to ticket winners for the five coin giveaway at each club meeting. The coins are usually a walking liberty half dollar, a silver quarter and mercury and roosevelt dimes. There is no charge for the tickets for the drawings. We have enough coins to cover the January 2017 meeting but need silver coins for the rest of 2017.

meeting-lunch A big thanks to the members that brought snacks to the meeting which were as follows: Sharon Bruner for the cake and sandwiches, Donna Gillespie for the GREAT vegetable soup, Dan Trenary for the powdered donuts, Sharon and Mike Hurkmans for the cheese sticks, Elaine Harvala for the Veggie dip and great Apple crisp and Bonnie Philips for the cookies. Man, thats a lot of snacks!

Tom Robison texted me and said he wouldn’t make the meeting. Have a nice visit Tom, and a safe trip back home. Matt Smith from Shingleton also informed me he’s finishing up some serious deer hunting and wouldn’t make the meeting. He says deer hunting was very poor in his area this year and he was making one last effort to bag his buck. Matt, I hope you see that thirty point buck!

We also talked about our annual Christmas/white elephant party. The party will be on the tenth of December this year at my residence, Bayview Manor after a very short meeting. We decided on ordering a meal with the trimmings from Kentucky Fried Chicken. The club will furnish coffee and soda.

I reminded members to wipe down and clean their detectors. I also said if they have a coil cover, to remove them and clean the coil bottom and cover of all the sand and grass that gets in them during the year. I also reminded the members to remove the batteries in their detectors and pinpointers so they don’t end up with leaking battery acid and ruining their equipment.

I informed members that I still have my Minelab etrac detector for sale but that’s not true as it got sold on ebay this afternoon. This was my backup detector that I took on out of town trips in case my original went kaput. I also have a Garrett AT PRO so two detectors is enough!

Next on the agenda was the silver coin drawings which went as follows: W.L. half dollar to Donna Gillespie – Mercury dime to Dan Trenary – silver Rosie to Bill Castle – silver Rosie to Ray Philips and a silver Rosie to my wife Sharon Bruner.

Next on the agenda was the fifty-fifty drawing which was won by Donna Gillespie. Congratulations to all winners of both drawings. Tickets were passed out for both drawings by Bill Castle and Rand Gillespie, thanks guys.

Bonnie Philips made a motion to adjourn the meeting which was seconded by her husband Ray and accepted by the membership, meeting adjourned at 1:15 pm. Time to eat!

The next meeting will be our Christmas/white elephant party on December 10th at 12:30 pm, my residence. I told the members to bring a gift of something they already have and they don’t want or need and mark them if their for a male or female. Do not go out and buy a gift.