January 2017 Yooper Coinshooters Meeting

Adios January, warmer weather is on the not too distant horizon.

We held our January 28th yoopercoinshooters club meeting at Bayview Manor in Gladstone Michigan and had a decent turnout considering the fact that some members are down south and some are down with the flu that is spreading nationwide.

We started, as always with the Pledge of Allegiance, and then heard from Donna Gillespie with her secretary’s report. Donna also doubled up with the treasurers report as her husband Rand our treasurer was on the way home from South Carolina. The secretary’s report was accepted by the membership after a motion to accept from Ray Philips and seconded by Ray Roberts. The same goes for her treasures report which was accepted as read afer motions from Ray Philips and Mike Hurkmans, no opposed.

I then presented for the club treasury enough silver quarters to cover our silver coin drawing needs for the rest of the year 2017 to Donna and she wrote a check to reimburse me for the quarters.

We also welcomed two new members to the club. First was Dave Hall from Rock and second was Richard Pomazal from the Bark River area. Both Dave and Richard stood and told the membership a little history about themselves and how long they’ve been detecting and what detectors they use. The new members will receive their club caps at the February 25th meeting.

We then discussed buying more club caps as we’re down to the last few on hand. There was a local business mentioned that may be able to fill our order so I asked for a volunteer to see about getting them at the Escanaba business and Bonnie Philips said she will contact them and inform us before the next meeting. Thanks Bonnie.

Our membership is composed of 20 really dedicated detectorist and has 14 males and 6 females which shows that it’s not just a mens sport/hobby. Just go on youtube and punch up metal detecting and you’ll see that they’re really into detecting and many are very experienced at detecting.

We held the silver coin drawings and the results were as follows: Walking liberty silver half dollar, Pete Harvala – Silver mercury dime, Sharon Bruner – Silver Roosevelt dimes were won by Dave Hall, Lynn Richards and last but not least, Dan Trenary.

Next agenda item was the fifty-fifty drawing which was won by Bonnie “Huggy Bear” Philips.

I told my usual 2 jokes (the second one was a big hit) and after the laughter subsided we had snacks and refreshments.

I want to thank the following for the snacks they prepared or purchased for the meeting: Sharon Bruner, peanut butter cheesecake brownies (thats a mouthful), shortbread cherry tarts and a tossed salad with dressing – Lynn Richards, peanut butter cookies – Ray Roberts, cinnamon swirls and miniature raspberry filled buns. Sharon and Michael Hurkmans, chili – Donna Gillespie brought sheppards pie and dinner rolls. Hey, we could have a menu and open up a restaurant!

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Ray Philips and seconded by Ray Roberts and with no opposition the meeting was over. I thanked all that came and reminded them all to “Buckle Up………………..That’s it for this one. Don’t forget to cover your holes…………PLEASE