Spring Fling Newsletter

The May 13th, 2017 meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club is called to order at 12:31 pm.

We said the Pledge of Allegiance.

Donna Gillespie gave the secretary’s report and the minutes from the April meeting.

Rand Gillespie will gave the treasurers report. The club is financially sound with a comfortable surplus of cash. Bill Bruner gave Rand cash for the cans picked up during the Adopt A Highway event on May 5th. We had a good turnout for the highway cleanup with 11 members showing up and we collected 16 bags of trash.

After the highway cleanup we met at the Donut Connection in Escanaba for donuts, soda, and coffee, and talked about upcoming club events.

A motion was made by Mike Hurkmans and seconded by Tom Robison to accept as read the secretary and treasurers report followed by a show of hands, none opposed.

At the May 13th meeting we had our club picnic. The picnic was held at my residence, Bay View Manor in Gladstone. The club furnished hamburgers and hot dogs as well as soda and coffee. Our club cook, Bill Castle, manned the barbecue for the cooking and the ladies of the club kept the food warm and set-up the food line during the meeting. Every member brought a dish or desert to pass around. Some members also brought chips, etc.

We had to cancel the club annual coin hunt in Ludington park because of the problem with the gnats. In the future we’ll be having the picnic and coin hunt in June starting in 2018.

A motion was made by Matt Smith and seconded by Sharon Hurkmans to adjourn the meeting at 1 pm followed by a show of hands, none opposed.

After the adjournment we lined up to eat the delicious food prepared.

After the meal we held several drawings. In lieu of the hunt we held 6 drawings for cash and the results are as follows:

The first drawing was for $30 dollars and Sharon Bruner held the winning ticket.

Dan Trenary won the second cash prize of $20 dollars followed by Mike Hurkmans winning third prize of $10 dollars.

We then held a second round of drawings for the same amounts of cash and the following winning tickets were drawn:

$30 dollars Lynn Richards, $20 dollars Sharon Hurkmans, and $10 dollars Bill Castle.

Next we held the silver coin drawings and the winners are as follows:

Donna Gillespie, silver quarter.

Silver dimes were won by Bill Castle, Mike Hurkmans, Elaine Harvala, and Pete Harvala.

The fifty-fifty drawing winner was Sharon Hurkmans.

Congratulations to all the lucky winners of the drawings.

The next Adopt A Highway pickup will be in July 2017 between July 15th and 23rd.

The next regular meeting will be at 217 Dakota avenue, Bayview Manor in Gladstone at 12:30 EST on Saturday, June, 24th

That’s it for this one. Happy hunting and don’t forget to cover your holes……………PLEASE!