June 2017 Newsletter Yooper Coinshooters Metal Detecting Club

We held our yoopercoinshooters June 2017 club meeting on the 24th of the month at Bay View Manor in Gladstone.

After the pledge of allegiance Donna Gillespie gave the secretary’s report and read the minutes from the May meeting.

Donna also gave the treasurers report as her husband Rand was out of town. As always, the club is financially sound with a comfortable surplus of cash. Bonnie Philips made a motion to accept the secretary’s and treasurers report as read and Bill Castle seconded the motion followed with 100% ayes from the membership.

We set the date for July 21st for our next “Adopt A Highway” cleanup and hoping to get at least 9 members for the event.

I also reminded the members to bring their detecting finds to the meetings and I’ll take pictures and post them on the members treasures section of our website.

Bill Castle will be going to Minnesota this month and he’ll hopefully pick up silver coins for the next 12 months that we give away every meeting. He will also get the silver dollars for our winners in the yearly attendance contest.

Bill Castle brought a few recent finds to show the membership. There was a silver Mercury dime, a silver Washington quarter and a large copper boy scout token. These will be posted in the members treasure section of our site.

We signed up Brian Tepsa as our newest member. Brian is fairly new to the world of metal detecting so we’ll give him a demonstration on taking a plug and help with any questions he may have on his detector. Brian will also get his club cap at the July meeting. Brian lives in Gladstone a short distance from our meeting place. Welcome to our group Brian!

We just about finalized the plans for our Christmas “White Elephant” gift exchange and get together which will be on December 16th at 12:30 pm at our regular meeting place, Bay View Manor. Seeing it was sooooo tasty at last years Christmas party, we voted KFC chicken with all the fixin’s again this year.

I want to thank all who brought snacks for the members to eat following the meeting. Bonnie Philips – pumpkin bread, Ray Roberts – watermelon, Sharon Hurkmans – potato salad, and Sharon Bruner – Blueberry yum yum, taco salad and pickles and black olives. Donna Gillespie picked up soda which was purchased by the club treasury.

We held the silver coins drawings next and the winners are as follows: Sharon Hurkmans, a silver washing quarter. The next four drawings were for silver Roosevelt dimes won by Bonnie Philips, Ray Roberts, Pete Harvala, and Bill Castle.

Next on the agenda was the fifty-fifty drawing which was won by Mike Hurkmans. Congratulations to the winners in both catagories.

Next agenda item were my two jokes which I tell at each meeting. I even got a few chuckles!

Next meeting will be July 29th at 12:30 pm at Bay View Manor dining room in Gladstone, Michigan.

Next item, I mentioned to the members that our son Aaron and his sweetie are flying here from Coral Springs, Florida for a six day visit with the Bruner families. Sharon and myself flew down there about 4 or 5 years ago but he hasn’t been up here for twenty three years. We’re all excited for this reunion!

A motion was made by Bonnie Philips and seconded by Ray Roberts to adjourn and I, Bill Bruner, (president), declared the meeting Adjourned.

Happy hunting to all coinshooters and don’t forget to cover your holes…………..PLEASE.