Yooper Coinshooters August Newsletter

The August 26th, 2017 meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club was called to order at 12:40 pm.

We said the Pledge of Allegiance.

Donna Gillespie gave the secretary’s report starting with the minutes from the May meeting. Her report was accepted as read with a motion from Pete Harvala and seconded by Ray Roberts.

Donna also read the treasurers report as her husband was out of town on a Copper Country detecting trip with Bill Castle. After the treasurers report a motion was made to accept as read by Lynn Richards and seconded by Pete Harvala.

We discussed our next “Adopt A Highway” outing scheduled for Friday, September 29th at 9 am eastern time.

Donna let us know she’s ordered new club caps. We also made the final planning for our December “White Elephant Christmas Party”. We decided to have the same meal as last years party and decided on Kentucky fried chicken.

I informed the members that if they have a Garrett pro-pointer pinpointer that is falsing, you can send it in to Garrett in Garland, Texas and they’ll go through it and when you get it back it’ll be like a brand new pinpointer. The cost is $21.00. Of course if it’s still under warranty there’s no charge. Their warranty is for 2 years.

Just a reminder: The next regular scheduled club meeting is September 30th.

I mentioned to the club members that Dan Trenary and I went to an old homestead in the Rock area. We were kinda anticipating a real good day of detecting. We spent a couple hours there and didn’t find one coin, not even a modern one, no artifacts. Goes to show you, you never take a site for granted.

Next on the agenda: This is not about metal detecting, but it’s a hobby and is catching on all over. Have you all seen the new fad called “Delta County Rocks”? It’s kinda fun. You go to parks, playgrounds, beaches, wherever, and people have hidden in plain sight painted rocks with sayings marked on them. You take them home, take a photo and join the group (you get accepted usually in a day or two) then go on to your Facebook site and post it on the site “Delta County Rocks” page and load the photos of your finds. Then you re-hide the rocks. Sharon and I went to Walmart and got some Acrylic paint and sealer and start doing rocks to hide. We’ve found about 40 or 50 and re-hid them. We painted about 30 or so and hid them also. This is going on all over the United States.

I informed the members that I have 3 Indian pennies for sale 1888 – 1889 – 1890 for 3 bucks or a dollar each. I also have the following: Jefferson nickels 1938d, 1939s, 1939s, 1950d. Also, 1 mercury 1943d, 1883 seated dime, 1891-0 seated dime, and a 1925 penny and I’ll take the best reasonable offer for each coin or for the lot.

I also informed the members that the closure between Escanaba and Gladstone over the Escanaba River Bridge detour has been rescheduled for Sept. 5-8.

The silver coin drawing winners are as follows: Elaine Harvala received a silver quarter, Donna Gillespie and Lynn Richards received a Mercury dime, and Dan Trenary and Ray Roberts received Silver Rosie dimes.

The fifty fifty drawing winner was: Donna Gillespie.

Thanks to Sharon and Mike Hurkmans for bringing in their soda can donation to the club again. I cashed them in at a local store and the total was $26.60 for the club treasury. If memory serves me right I believe this is the 4th time they’ve donated their returnable cans to the club……A BIG THANK YOU Hurkmans!!!

I want to thank the following members that brought food or treats to the meeting: Watermelon – Sharon and Mike Hurkmans, chocolate cupcakes – Dan Trenary, Cookies – Brian Tepsa, Watergate salad and macaroni salad – Sharon Bruner.

The next regular meeting will be at 217 Dakota avenue, Bay View Manor in Gladstone at 12:30 EST on Saturday, September 30th.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Ray Roberts and Seconded by Mike Hurkmans.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 pm, EST.

That’s it for this one, happy hunting and don’t forget to cover your holes…………………PLEASE