September Newsletter Yooper Coinshooters Metal Detecting Club

We held our meeting of the Yooper coinshooters metal detecting club on Saturday, September 30th. As we always do, we all stood and faced the flag and began the meeting with our Pledge of Allegiance to our countries flag.

Next agenda item was Donna Gillespie’s secretary report beginning with a brief reading of the clubs August meeting minutes. At the end of Donna’s reading, Bonnie Philips made a motion to accept the report as read which was seconded by Tom Robison, followed with a show of hands from the members.

The next agenda item was the treasurers report from Rand Gillespie. Rand assured the members that although our financial numbers are down, this is dues renewal time which will put the numbers back up substantially. The reason finances were down since last January we’ve had to spend a substantial amount of the clubs monies on club necessities such as two dozen club caps, silver coins for the year for the silver coin give aways, club supplies, refreshments, etc. A motion was made by Bonnie Philips to accept Rands treasurer report and was seconded by Tom Robison and accepted by the members with a show of hands.

I did petition the members on how many email notices or phone messages will be given to members when their dues are up for renewal and we agreed that two attempts will be made and if no response we will figure that as their wish to no longer be a member.

The club meeting for November will be at 12:30 pm est. on Saturday, November 18th. The club will hold a raffle for a turkey. Tickets will be one dollar and each member can purchase 0ne ticket.

Mike Hurkmans has volunteered to prepare a ham we’re going to eat at our “White Elephant” Christmas party on the 16th of December of this year at 12:30 pm,EST. Mike will pick up the ham and be reimbursed the cost from the club….Thanks Mike.

Donna Gillespie will bake 3 or 4 chickens to go with the ham. Thanks Donna. Donna will also be reimbursed for the cost of the chickens.

I know, I know, In the August newsletter I wrote that we’d have the KFC meals again this year but for reasons I won’t mention we decided to go a different route. (See the two previous paragraphs.) The club will also be holding a raffle for a Christmas ham. Tickets will be one dollar and each member can purchase one ticket.

Donna Gillespie and myself (Bill Bruner) have started making plans for our summer picnic and coin hunt. We’ll be gathering prizes from local merchants and several detecting companies.

Yesterday, September 29th, club members met at the beginning of M-69 & U.S. 2 and 41 and picked up trash for the first 2 miles. This was our last cleanup for this year and well do it again in the spring of 2018. In 2018 it will be our fourth year in the Adopt A Highway program.

The next item on the agenda was the silver coin drawings. The 5 drawings are free to members are the winners were as follows: Silver quarter, Dan Trenary – the next 4 drawings were for silver Roosevelt dimes and were won by the following members: Rand Gillespie, Mike Hurkmans, Bonnie Philips and Tom Robison.

Next on the agenda was the fifty-fifty drawing. Mike Hurkmans was the lucky winner for this month.

Two members, Pete Harvala and Rand Gillespie, brought in some of their recent finds and the pictures will be posted in the “members treasure” section of our site. To view, scroll to the bottom of the front page of our site and click on “members treasures.”

I want to thank the following members for the snacks they brought for the members to eat following the meeting: Sharon Hurkmans, Sharon Bruner, Bill Castle, Dan Trenary, Brian Tepsa and Elaine Harvala. I made the coffee.

That’s it for this one, happy hunting and don’t forget to cover your holes…………………PLEASE.