October Club Meeting Yooper Coinshooters

We held our meeting of the Yooper coinshooters metal detecting club on Saturday, October 28th at Bayview Manor in Gladstone. The meeting was called to order at 12:38 pm and began with the members reciting the Pledge Of Allegiance.

The first order of business was the secretarys report by Donna Gillespie. Donna read the minutes from the previous meeting in September. There was some old business of party planning that we took up later in this months business. A motion was made by Bonnie Philips to accept the report as read and was seconded by Sharon Hurkmans followed by a by a show of hands with 100 percent ayes and no opposition.

After her report she filled in for her husband Rand by giving the treasurers report as he was out of town for the weekend. She reported that Rand had contacted most of our members and collected the yearly dues but had three or four to collect from yet. The club finances are a little low after several purchases the club has made the last few months but is growing again with dues being paid. A motion was made to accept the treasurers report as read by Lynn Richards and seconded by Tom Robison and a show of hands resulted in all ayes and no opposition.

We briefly talked about upcoming club events such as the November 18th meeting with a raffle for a gift certificate for a Thanksgiving turkey to a lucky club member. We’ll sell a one dollar ticket to each member and the winning ticket holder will win the turkey certificate. We’ll be doing the same thing in December except the drawing will be for a Christmas ham.

We were going to have Kentucky Fried Chicken for the food in January but changed plans after a discussion with the members. We will have a potluck meal and Mike Hurkmans is going to prepare a ham for the December party. Donna Gillespie is preparing chicken for the party. Also we will have our annual “White Elephant gift exchange.”

Also in December we’ll hold the attendance drawings. The first drawing will be for a silver Morgan dollar and a second drawing for a Silver Peace dollar. We will also have the 50/50 and the five silver coin drawings.

We also talked about doing the “Toys For Tots” program but have to check on the program do’s and don’t first. We’ll keep everyone posted on that progress.

Donna and myself (Bill Bruner) talked about a June meeting (date yet undetermined) at Bayview Manor. We’ll hold a short meeting then a potluck meal with the club furnishing two meats and soft drinks at Bayview Manor. We’re also going to hold a special raffle for a Garrett metal detector. After the meeting and meal we’ll all go to Pioneer Trail park and have the coin hunt with first and second place prizes. We also plan on having prizes to raffle off at the June hunt. This event will take the place of our “Spring Fling” we had previously.

I have to get in touch with Bonnie Philips about bringing back the “Simon Says” contest during one of our club events to see she’ll emcee it. Bonnie did the job a couple years ago and had most members taking a seat in a heart beat.

I’ve also made some changes in the clubs guidelines. I deleted a few and revised a few and they can be viewed at club guidelines.

I also decided to display our club banner at all club functions so Lynn Richards brought it to the meeting and it can be seen in a picture in this newsletter.

I’ve been getting some complaints about grounds in the coffee I make for the meetings. I asked Donna to pick up some new coffee with a more coarse grind that won’t go through the holes in the grounds holder. Possibly medium coarse?

I told my usual 2 jokes and they went over ok but, it’s getting harder to find good clean ones.

The 50/50 drawing was held and the winner was Lucky Lynn Richards.

The silver coin drawings winners were as follows: Silver Washington quarter was Bill Bruner. The next four drawing winners were for silver Roosevelt dimes and the winners were: Dan Trenary, Donna Gillespie, Elaine Harvala, and Bonnie Philips.

The following members brought great food and deserts for after the meeting, Dan Trenary, Sharon and Michael Hurkmans, Sharon Bruner, Elaine Harvala, and Bill Bruner made the crummy coffee!!!

The next meeting will be November 18th at Bayview Manor in Gladstone.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Sharon Bruner and seconded by Sharon Hurkmans. All were in favor by a show of hands and that was that.

Happy coin/relic hunting and don’t forget to cover your holes……………..PLEASE