December Newsletter Yooper Coin Shooters Club

We held our regular meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club on December 16th and that wrapped up the monthly meetings for 2017. The meeting was our annual “White Elephant” Christmas party.

We started off the meeting with the pledge of allegiance followed with Donna Gillespie’s secretarys report. Donna has always done an A-1 job in her reports and many times she’s gone the extra mile, such as, setting up and organizing the “Adopt A Highway” cleanup 3 times a year. She does the paperwork to present and turns it over to the county, picks up the bags and vests, and probably other details I’m not aware of. We will be remembering Donna on Secretaries Day, April 25th in 2018. A motion was made to accept Donna’s report by Matt Smith and seconded by Sharon Bruner.

Next agenda item was the treasurers report by Rand Gillespie. We have ample monies to stay afloat for the upcoming year. Rand did make a check out to Bill Bruner for computer ink and copy paper for the entire upcoming year. He also made a check out to Sharon Bruner for paper plates purchased at Gordon’s food Service. Bill Castle made a motion to accept Rands report which was seconded by Ray Roberts.

We did strike 2 names off the club roster. They’ve been contacted 2 times with no answer or remittance for their 2018 club dues.

Next was the first of 2 attendance drawings. The first was for a silver Peace dollar which was won by Sharon Bruner. The seconded was for a silver Morgan dollar which was won by Sharon Bruner. (Is this starting to sound monotonous?) The next item was for the Christmas ham drawing which was won by……………..Sharon Bruner!!!

Next year the attendance drawing may have a slight change. I’ll bring it up at the next regular meeting.

We also had a 50/50 drawing which was won by Sharon……….Hurkmans….yahoo! I bet you thought I was going to write Bruner!

We also held 5 drawings for silver coins. The first drawing went as follows: Silver Washington quarter, Linda Richards – silver Mercury dime, Dan Trenary – silver Mercury dime, Rand Gillespie – silver Roosevelt dime, Mike Hurkmans and a silver Roosevelt dim to Lynn Richards. Congratulations to all drawing winners.

The next agenda item was the annual white elephant gift exchange followed by the table being set with a heap of good food and desserts. Thats it, I’m getting in the food line!

For the main meat dishes for our Christmas party the club purchased a ham which Mike Hurkmans prepared also a few chickens which Donna Gillespie prepared. Mike and Donna did a super job in preparing the meats. Bill Castle did the potatoes and gravy and we also had members prepare some great dishes and desserts. The food was as usual GREAT!

I did get a confirmation from Bonnie Philips and she’s going to do the “Simon Says” contest at the 2018 summer hunt and picnic. Thanks Bonnie and this year I’m going to keep my ears open and do what she says.

The next regular meeting of the yoopercoinshooters wil be Saturday, January 27th at 12:30 EST.

Thats it for the last newsletter of 2017, see ya next year and Don’t forget to cover your holes…….PLEASE