Yooper Coinshooters Club May Meeting

The May 19th, 2018 meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club was called to order at 12:36 pm.

We started the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Donna Gillespie, club secretary, gave her report starting with a reading of last months meetings minutes.

Donna also informed the members that on Saturday, May 11th, we collected 19 bags of trash on our Adopt A Highway outing of the first two miles of M-69 north of Bark River. As always we collect a lot more trash on our first outing of the year. It’s a shame how people have disregard for our roadsides by throwing bottles, cans, dirty diapers, etc. out of their car windows.

The crew for the trash pickup consisted of: Bill and Sharon Bruner, Michael and Sharon Hurkmans, Brian Tepsa, Dan Trenary, and Donna Gillespie. It took a little longer this time. The ideal number for a pickup crew is nine including a floater driving their car back and forth providing bags, water or assistance getting back to their cars after the job is done.

After the trash pickup we met at the Donut Connection for refreshments and donuts. There’s a couple pictures in the members gallery section. Bonnie Philips made a motion and it was seconded by Pete Harvala to accept the report as read.

Donna’s husband Rand gave the clubs treasurers report. After Rand’s report Bonnie made a motion to accept his report as read which was seconded by her husband, Ray. I gave Rand four dollars for the treasury from the returnables we’d picked up on the Adopt A Highway outing.

New business: We have a new club member, Tyler Pankonien. Tyler has just recently started metal detecting and we’ll give him any help he may need with his detector operation and also demonstrations on cutting plugs to retrieve coins, etc. Welcome aboard, Tyler. Tyler received his club cap. Tyler uses a Garrett 250 detector. (A picture of our club caps can be seen on any page of our site).

We voted on the date for the club picnic. The 2018 club picnic will be at my residence, Bay View Manor in Gladstone at 12:30 pm, EST on June 30th. Rand informed the membership that he has received permission from the property owners to hold a club hunt directly across from his residence. I told all members to bring their detectors to the picnic. We also voted on the meats the club will furnish for the picnic, sloppy joes, and hot dogs. I made a list of the salads, deserts, etc. the members are preparing for the picnic.

I received the package from Garrett and the cost is $60 dollars plus $10 freight cost for a total of $70. I paid the fee from my credit card and Rand wrote me a check for that amount. I gave Rand the invoice from Garrett showing I paid and a list of the items they sent us. I did have to make up a flyer about our picnic agenda and send it to Garrett with our request for prize donations. My son Jim made up the flyer for the club. I passed a couple around for the members to see. Dan Trenary and I will canvas Gladstone for prize donations for our picnic raffles. Donna Gillespie and Bonnie Philips are canvassing Escanaba for prize donations.

Bonnie Philips is going to emcee the Simon Says contest again this year.

I told my usual 2 jokes.

I told the membership I’d done a few detecting trips to Ludington park in Escanaba. I found some clad and zincon Lincolns and a ring. You can see these on the members treasures section of our site. I informed the members that If anyone doesn’t know how to find this section or need help navigating our site, I’ll be glad to take them into my apartment after the meeting to show them how. I also took my 10 year old great grandson Noah to the park in Escanaba and got him started in detecting. We started in the tot-lot wood chip area and he caught on quick so we went into the grass area of the park and he has no problem pinpointing with the detector but needs more practice distinguishing the different tones the detector makes. I let him use my Garrett AT Pro. He doesn’t know it but I just called my friend Chuck Marcum that owns and operates Indian Nations detecting in Oklahoma and ordered Noah a Garrett Ace 350 for his first, I hope, of many metal detectors.

Next on the agenda was the five silver coin drawings which went as follows: Silver Washington quarter – Donna Gillespie, Mercury dimes – Pete Harvala, and Sharon Bruner, silver Roosevelt dimes went to Elaine Harvala and Dan Trenary.

Next agenda item was the fifty fifty drawing which was won by Sharon Hurkmans.

Next was the twenty dollar gas card which was won by Bonnie Philips. Congratulations to all drawing winners!

As for snacks brought by members, I want to thank the following: Sharon Bruner, Dan Trenary, Brian Tepsa, and the Hurkmans.

Donna Gillespie made a motion to adjourn the meeting which was seconded by Brian Tepsa. The meeting was adjourned at 1:37 pm.

The next regular meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club will be at 217 Dakota avenue, Bayview Manor in Gladstone at 12.30 pm EST on Saturday, June 30th. We’ll have a short meeting followed by the club picnic.

That’s it for this one, see ya next month. Happy hunting and don’t forget to cover your holes………….PLEASE.