Yoopercoinshooters Metal Detecting Club Picnic Day

The June 28th, 2018 meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club was called to order at 12:36 pm.

We started the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Donna Gillespie, club secretary gave her report starting with a reading of last months meetings minutes. Ray Philips made a motion and it was seconded by Ray Roberts to accept Donna’s secretary report.

Donna’s husband Rand gave the clubs treasurers report. Bonnie Philips made a motion and it was seconded by Mike Hurkmans to accept Rand’s treasurers report.

Our newest club member, Tyler Pankonien, showed us some of his numerous finds that he made in his yard. He had coins and relics and a few Tootsie cars. Tyler seems to be catching on quick to the hobby of detecting. Tyler uses a Garrett 250 detector. Good job Tyler!

I informed the members that the next “Adopt A Highway” event will be on Friday July 20th at 9 am EST.

Donna Gillespie informed us that due to other obligations she’ll have to resign from her position of club secretary. Grudgingly, I accepted her wish to resign and put the position to the membership and after a sort of long pause a hand went up to accept the job. HOORAY for Dan Trenary! He said he’d give it a go….thanks, Dan. Donna has been the club secretary since February 2015. A huge thanks to Donna!

Next on the agenda was the five silver coin drawings which went as follows: Silver Washington quarter – Bonnie Philips, Mercury dimes – Donna Gillespie and Michael Hurkmans, silver Roosevelt dimes went to Dan Trenary and Bill Bruner.

Next agenda item was the fifty fifty drawing which was won by Bonnie Philips.

Next was the twenty dollar gas card which was won by Ray Philips. Congratulaions to all drawing winners!

Time to eat!!! The food that was on the menu and who prepared them: Sharon Bruner, potato salad, cole slaw and cake – Dan Trenary, chips – Brian Tepsa, donuts and taco salad – Ray Philips, beans – Karen Castle, fruit salad – Sharon Hurkmans, dill Pickles, bread and butter pickles – Bonnie Philips, Onions & Relish – The club furnished Sloppy Joes & Hot Dogs which were prepared by Donna Gillespie.

After we ate we held a couple dozen raffles which we do each year for club fund raisers. I think we raised a little over $400.00.

We raffled off a Garrett Ace 300 metal detector at $20.00 a ticket and the lucky winner was Bonnie Philips.

After the meeting, the meal and all the raffles we went to Ludington park in Escanaba for the coin hunt in the area of the bandshell. The day before the hunt I went to the area and with my wife, Sharon’s assistance I buried 25 copper Lincoln cents with a yellow mark on each side which would be redeemed for a silver dime (Mercury or Roosevelt). I also buried 25 zincon Lincoln’s and 25 Lincoln wheat cents. The wheat and zincon Lincoln’s were specially marked and all marked coins would be counted towards the prizes of $50 – $25 – and $10 – first, second and third places. I also just threw 100 mixed composition pennies around the entire hunt area, I call those DECOYS and they did not count for anything.

When I blew my offical whistle the hunt started and after a half hour I stopped them to take a fifteen minute break because of the near 90 degree heat. After the break I restarted the hunt for another half hour hunt.

I then tallied up the results and they went as follows: The first place winner was Bill Castle, second place was decided by the flip of a coin because of a tie was Matt Smith and third place was Donna Gillespie. The winners were paid their cash prizes and also the silver Merc’s and silver Rosie’s for the double marked cents they all found. The coins I buried were between one and two and a half inches deep.

Congratulations to all winners of the silver coin – 50/50 – gas card and raffle drawings.

The next regular meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club will be at 217 Dakota avenue, Bayview Manor in Gladstone at 12.30 pm EST on Saturday, July 28th.

Just for the fun of it my 10 year old great grandson and I went to the hunt area two days after the hunt and he found five of the pennies and I found 24. There’s about 90 coins I planted still in the ground at the hunt area. Which proves, you never get it all.

That’s it for this one, happy hunting, good luck and don’t forget to cover your holes……………..PLEASE.