January Club Meeting Yooper Coinshooters

The January 26th, 2018 meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club was called to order at 12:42 pm EST.

The meeting started as always with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Dan Trenary wasn’t here so Donna Gillespie filled in for Dan….thanks Donna.

Rand Gillespie gave the treasurers report. We have ample money for club expenditures.

First, I thanked to Donna for taking my place as president at last months meeting. I had just been released from Marquette General an hour before the start of the meeting and got there just in time to eat.

I’m surprised to see as many members show up today with the cold weather we’re having. Thanks to all for coming.

I reminded all the members to take the batteries out of their detectors and pin pointers. You don’t want to start off in the spring with corroded batteries in your equipment.

I asked as I sometimes do if anyone had anything pertaining to metal detecting to show the members today.

I also asked if any members have ever used a Ultrasonic coin and Jewelry Cleaner?

Benefits Of Ultrasonic Cleaners For Metal Detecting: With the ultrasonic cleaner, you can clean absolutely any finds, for example: jewelry and items made of gold and silver; coins of different periods; old bullets, buttons and other finds like civil war; badges, medals.

I’m going to do a little research and pricing and give one a try. You can go on youtube and enter in Ultrasonic coin cleaners and watch demonstrations and it may help make a decision to try or not try one. They’re fairly reasonably priced. A couple members said they had and liked them. I think I’ll send for one and give them a test, after all they’re reasonably priced.

Bill Castle stood up and informed the members about a site we can go to as a club hunt and it consists of water and land detecting.

I was in Green Bay a few days before the meeting and picked up 50 silver Mercury dimes and 12 silver quarters. I submitted to our treasurer, Rand Gillespie the receipt for my reimbursement, which I received.

Next on the agenda were the five silver coin drawings. They went as follows: First was a silver Washington quarter, won by Matt Smith. Next was a Mercury dime won by Rand Gillespie. Next was a Mercury dime won by Elaine Harvala. Next was a silver Roosevelt dime won by Donna Gillespie and the last drawing for a silver Roosevelt dime won by Bonnie Philips.

Next was the 50/50 drawing and the winner was Bonnie Philips.

Next was the $20 gas card and the winner was Matt Smith.

Next agenda item is my usual two jokes. They went over okay but I’ll never be on TV doing standup comedy!

The next meeting will be February 23rd and I promise you the temperatures will be many degrees warmer. After all it’ll be really close to the month of March and it does get better even up here in the U.P. in March.

Motion to adjourn this meeting was made by Bonnie Philips and seconded by Mike Hurkmans. The meeting was adjourned at 1:22.

Okay that’s it for this one. I’m going on the internet and do some extensive research on Ultrasonic coin and Jewelry Cleaners.

If you’re going detecting in the south or up here in the snow… Don’t forget to cover your holes…PLEASE.