Yooper Coinshooters February 2019 Club Newsletter

The February 23rd, 2019 meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club was called to order at 12:34 pm EST.

The meeting started as always with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Dan Trenary, our secretary, was snowed in.

Rand Gillespie our treasurer and his wife Donna were in Wisconsin. I gave the treasurers report. A motion to accept as read was made by Elaine Harvala and seconded by Pete Harvala.

I was surprised to see as many members show up today with the snow storm we’re having. Thanks to all for coming.

I started off with a few tips detectorist can use their detectors for and also help some friends out. First – you can find spikes, nails, or barbed wire, in logs that are to be cut down or sawed into lumber. Second – you can check halloween candy from the trick or treaters for foreign objects. Third – you can help find boundry markers in yards of family or friends. Fourth – Find water shut offs in front yards of houses in town (usually near the front sidewalks). Fifth – Find crossbow or regular arrows behind targets at archery ranges. Sixth – Find studs in walls. Seventh – Finding lead behind pistol range targets. I used it for duck decoy weights.

At last months meet I asked if any members have ever used a Ultrasonic coin and Jewelry Cleaner for their detecting finds. A couple members said they had and liked them. I mentioned that I’d do a little research and pricing and give one a try. You can go on the Youtube site and enter in Ultrasonic coin cleaners and watch demonstrations and it may help make a decision to try or not try one. They’re fairly reasonably priced.

In case some of you weren’t at last months meeting, Bill Castle stood up and informed the members about a site we can go to as a club hunt and it consists of water and land detecting. Bill, Lynn Richards, and myself have been there some years ago and found some nice finds. Remember, us going to those sites doesn’t mean their hunted out. Beaches are always used by young and old and new deposits of coins and jewelry are lost every day during the summer months. Some can hunt the beachsand and some with water detectors can hunt the water.

Next on the agenda were the five silver coin drawings. They went as follows: First was a silver Washington quarter won by Elaine Harvala – Next was a Mercury dime won by Tyler Pankonien – Next was a Mercury dime won by Sharon Bruner – Next was a silver Roosevelt dime won by Brian Tepsa and the last drawing for a silver Roosevelt dime won by Pete Harvala.

Next was the 50/50 drawing and the winner was Pete Harvala.

Next was the $20 gas card and the winner was Tyler Pankonien.

Next agenda item is my usual two jokes. Well…………….I plum forgot to find a couple on the internet. I told the members I should have taken a couple from the 11 pages of jokes I have in my computer from past meetings cause they probably have forgotten the ones I told years ago. Don’t tell anyone but, I’m going to try just that sometime in the future and see how good their memories are !

Boy! After the meeting we always have a sorta pot luck meal no one knows who or if someone is bringing food but it always comes out really super and no one goes away with their stomach growling. I want to thank Brian Tepsa for stopping and picking up those assorted sub sandwiches, also some berry muffins. Thanks to Bill castle for the Spanish rice casserole. Elaine Harvala had a winner with her brownies…yum. Lastly my wife Sharon Bruner made a tossed salad also some brownies, a pizza hot dish, and a watergate salad.

The next meeting will be March 30th and I promise you the temperatures will be many degrees warmer. After all it’ll be really close to the month of April and it does get better even up here in the U.P. in April……….Ha,Ha. I always say, “After the third week of February the worst of the winter is over, especially the brutal cold. I know, we’ve even got dumped on with snow in April and the first part of May.

A motion to ajourn this meeting was made by Brian Tepsa and seconded by Sharon Bruner. The meeting was adjourned at 1:30 pm EST.

OK, that’s it for this one, If your going detecting, good hunting and……………………………and don’t forget to cover your holes…..PLEASE.