Annual Yooper Coinshooters Club Picnic And Coin Hunt 2019

The September 21st, 2019 meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club was called to order at 12:38 pm EST.

The meeting started as always with the Pledge of Allegiance.

This meeting was a short one so we could eat and go to Ludington park for the seeded coin/token hunt.

There was no secretary report as Dan Trenary was held up and couldn’t get to the meeting until we started the meal. Dan will give the secretary report at the October meeting. We were happy to see Dan make it eventually.

Rand Gillespie gave his SHORTER THAN VERY SHORT treasurers report. A motion to accept Rands report was made by Sharon Bruner and seconded by Bonnie Philips.

Some of the members paid their dues.

I mentioned that we’d done the Adopt A Highway event on the 20th, the day before the meeting. We collected seven bags of trash. The pickers were Bill Bruner, Sharon Bruner, Rand Gillespie, Donna Gillespie, and Bonnie Philips. We met at the Donut Connection in Escanaba for coffee, soda and donuts. Pictures are in the members galleries section on our site. At the meeting the next day I gave our treasurer Rand Gillespie $2.30 from the cans and bottles we picked up. This was our third and final outing for 2019.

Next on the short meeting agenda was the “Simon Says” contest. Bonnie Philips was the emcee for the contest and she wiped out several contestants rather quickly. It was down to three members Noah Weber, Ray Philips, and Tom Robison. Eventually Bonnie caught Noah and it was Ray and Tom for a bit, but, Bonnie caught her husband Ray and knocked him out giving Tom the win of the cash prize furnished by myself, Bill Bruner.

Next on the agenda was the five silver coin drawings. First is a silver Washington quarter won by – Rand Gillespie and the four Mercury dime winners were: Bonnie Philips, Ray Philips, Donna Gillespie, and Brian Tepsa.

Next was the 50/50 drawing and the winner was: Tom Robison.

Next was the $20 gas card and the winner was: Pete Harvala.

Next we had ten special drawings for $10.00 each and the winners were: Pete Harvala, Dan Trenary, Bill Bruner, Donna Gillespie, Bonnie Philips, Sharon Bruner, Tom Robison, Brian Tepsa, Tyler Pankonian, and Noah Weber.

The next regular meeting of the Yooper CoinShooters metal detecting club will be on Saturday, October 19th at 217 Dakota avenue (Bay View Manor) Gladstone, Mi at 12:30 pm. If you know anyone interested in metal detecting, bring them along to the meeting.

A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Bonnie Philips and seconded by Pete harvala and with a show of hands the meeting was ajourned at 1:07 pm EST.

Next on the agenda was, TIME TO EAT!

Members brought a dish to pass around. The club furnished brats, sloppy joes, and soda/coffee.

The hunt was in Escanaba’s Ludington park. Neither Sharon or myself got in the hunt because we buried the coins and tokens.

Now for the hunt

I made the following announcements: The coin hunt will last exactly one hour and will start and end with me blowing a whistle. All and only the coins/tokens found that I buried will count towards first – second – and third place for prize money. Do not give any of your coins/tokens to another contestant (pooling) as this will result in disqualification for both contestants. I have an area marked off and coins/tokens will not be within 12 inches of any flags as they have metal shafts. If you have your detector coil flat on the grass and it reads 4 inches or more deep, don’t waste your time digging it unless you are positive it’s a old coin that we probably didn’t bury. The coins/tokens will be about one to three inches maximum depth.

If your not finding much, don’t get discouraged and quit. You never know. There are special coins/tokens for other things to win.

The hunt winners will receive a monetary prize. There will be a first, second and third place prize. In the event of a tie the result will be settled with a coin flip. The winner of the coin flip will receive the first place prize and the loser of the flip will receive the second place prize. If there is a tie for the third place the winner of that flip will receive the third place prize. The loser will receive a “well done and better luck next year”.

I didn’t tell the members what kind of tokens I’d buried and they’re as follows: I buried 25 small penny like coins/tokens marked “D”. Each coin/token may be redeemed for a silver Mercury dime and will count towards first, second, or third place prize.

I also buried 25 small penny like coins/tokens marked “P”. Each coin/token may be redeemed for a silver quarter and will count towards first, second, or third place prize. I picked these tokens up at a coin shop in Green Bay Wisconsin a few weeks before the hunt.

I buried 100 lincoln pennies with a yellow dot on the reverse side that will count towards first, second, or third place prize. Just before the hunt started I walked the hunt designated area and threw 100 more pennies marked with a yellow dot. (These pennies would be laying on the grass and not buried.)

After one hour had passed, I blew the whistle to end the hunt. I hadn’t told anyone how much the first, second, or third place prize would be. All members got in line to report to me their finds totals. The first place winner was Rand Gillespie and he received $100.00. The second place winner was Pete Harvala and he received $75.00. Third place was a tie between Tyler Pankonian and Brian Tepsa, and Tyler won the coin toss and received $50.00.