Yooper Coinshooters Club November Meeting

The December 7th, 2019 meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club was called to order at 12:47 pm EST.

The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Dan Trenary’s secretary report: Dan was snowed in and couldn’t attend the meeting.

Rand Gillespie’s treasurers report. A motion to accept Rands report was made by Bonnie Philips and seconded by Tom Robison motion accepted with a show of hands.

I sent Bonnie Philips a Youtube video on Simon Says contests. Then Bonnie can learn more from a seasoned emcee of the game so she can knock everyone out faster at next years contest.

I mentioned to the members that I’d gotten a call from some southern Michigan hunters and said one had lost a family heirloom gold wedding ring, possibly while gutting his deer. I detected that area, also where they put the deer in the truck and below the spot on the buck pole and inside the deer itself with no success. They wanted to compensate me for the 80 mile round trip ride to their hunt area but I refused their offer.

I also got a call from some other southern Michigan hunters that had lost a smart phone near Munising and asked if I could help them. I called Pete Harvala in Ishpeming but Pete couldn’t make it so I called them back said we have a member in the Shingleton area and they said “that’s where we are”. So I called Rand Gillespie a good friend of Matt Smith’s and Rand got hold of Matt who then hooked up with the hunters and found their smart phone. Good job Matt !

Starting this Christmas we voted to drop the White Elephant gift exchange and just have everyone bring a gift marked male or female and put them on separate tables. We set a limit and of ten dollars to spend on a gift and members took turns to select a gift from the appropriate table.

I then received compensation for ink, paper, and also twenty dollars for the price I paid for a 1901-0 Morgan silver dollar. The Morgan dollar was the prize for the winner of the attendance contest we have every year. Each member gets their name in a container for each club meeting they attend. Every year at the December meeting we draw the winner.

Brian Tepsa brought in a couple nice Indian pennies he recently found, both were dated 1906. Good find Brian. I inadvertently erased the file where I’d put the picture….SORRY Brian!!!

Next agenda item was some bids on detecting items to produce money for the clubs treasury. Bill Castle brought in some copper age Indian objects and donated the money from the winning bidder to the club treasury. Sharon Hurkmans was the highest bidder. Congrats Sharon and thanks Bill.

Mike and Sharon Hurkmans brought in two large plastic bags of returnables and donated the money to the club. I brought them to the local grocery store and the total was $29.10.

This is about the 5th time the Hurkmans have donated their cans to the club. Thank you Hurkmans!

Next on the agenda were the five silver coin drawings. First was a silver Washington quarter won by Matt Smith and the four Mercury dimes winners were: Pete Harvala, Tom Robison, Brian Tepsa, and our great grandson Noah Weber.

Next was the 50/50 drawing and the winner was: Randy Gillespie.

Next is the $20 gas card drawing and the winner was: Tom Robison.

We also had a special drawing for a twenty dollar gift card from Elmer’s County market in Escanaba and the winner was Ray Philips. I polled the members on dropping the White Elephant gift exchange and most seemed happier with the new way we did it this year.

A motion to Adjourn the meeting was made by Bonnie Philips which was seconded by Mike Hurkmans and with a show hands. Meeting Adjourned at 1:45pm.

Next – TIME TO EAT!!!

The next regular meeting of The Yooper CoinShooters metal detecting club will be on Saturday, January 25th at 217 Dakota avenue (Bay View Manor) Gladstone, Mi at 12:30 pm. If you know anyone interested in metal detecting, bring them along to the meeting.

That’s it for this one. good luck and don’t forget to cover your holes……PLEASE