January Club Meeting Yooper Coin Shooters

The January 25th, 2020 meeting of the yoopercoinshooters metal detecting club was called to order at 12:38 pm EST.

The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance.

This was a very quick meeting this month as the agenda was short and not much new business and absences of members.

Dan Trenary’s secretary report: Dan was snowed in at his residence in Cornell and was unable to make it to the meeting.

Rand Gillespie’s was next. After Rands treasurers report a motion to accept it was made by Bill Castle and seconded by Tom Robison, motion accepted with a show of hands.

Donna was unable to attend the meeting.

Ray Roberts – Bonnie and Ray Philips and Matt Smith had other commitments.

Dan Trenary told me he has an area to have a club hunt in 2020 as soon as the weather gets nice.

We have a new member as of Saturday, Tom Walling from Rapid River. Tom has a Garrett AT PRO detector. Welcome to the club Tom.

I made a few changes in the clubs guidelines.

I added on guideline #17 that there will be prize money for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

#18 – Previous wording has been eliminated and will now read: Club meetings are always held on the last Saturday of every month. The meetings start at 12:30 pm eastern time and will always be at Bay View Manor at 217 Dakota avenue in Gladstone, MI.

Tom Robison brought in some interesting information on “Gold in Michigan”. The report is a PDF and it’s 34 pages long and can be viewed here.

I was reimbursed for club supplies. We’re going to do the reimbursement for the whole year starting in each January and the total for the year is $60.29. The treasurer gave me a roll of one hundred stamps for the year for mailings. We should have enough stamps for possibly three years or more.

I had a nice camo detector case for sale and Brian Tepsa took it off my hands. I also still have my wet suit with zippered booties for sale as I gave up water detecting………AGAIN!!!

Next on the agenda were the five silver coin drawings. First was a silver Washington quarter won by Elaine Harvala and the four Mercury dimes winners were: Bill Bruner, Brian Tepsa, Noah Weber, and Rand Gillespie.

Next was the 50/50 drawing and the winner was: Tyler Pankonian.

Next was the $20 gas card drawing and the winner was: Brian Tepsa.

The next regular meeting of The Yooper CoinShooters metal detecting club will be on, Hey this is Leap Year! Saturday, February 29th at 217 Dakota avenue (Bay View Manor) Gladstone, Mi at 12:30 pm. If you know anyone interested in metal detecting, bring them along to the meeting.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Sharon Bruner which was seconded by Rand Gillespie, and with a show hands, Meeting Adjourned at 1:05 pm.

Next – The food waiting to be devoured!

I had a couple pictures taken at the meeting but the accidentally got deleted………..sorry !

Well, that’s it for this one so until the February newsletter and let’s look on the bright side. We could be detecting in another 8 weeks or so. Unless you’re in the southern U.S.

Happy hunting and don’t forget to cover your holes…PLEASE.