Welcome to the Yooper Coinshooters metal detecting club. We’re located in Delta county in the Gladstone/Escanaba area of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We formed our club and had our first meeting on March 10th of 2010.

We have members that are coin shooters, and double as rock hounds and copper artifacts hunters. A primary goal of the club is to teach our members how to locate items and extract them from the ground properly and not leave unsightly holes and help beginner members learn how to operate their detectors properly. We enjoy searching legally and with permission for coins, relics, and artifacts. If you have a detector or are interested in using a detector to search for coins, gold and jewelry then your welcome to join our club and enjoy the outdoors with us. We have one stipulation for joining our club and that is you must be an Upper Peninsula of Michigan resident.

We have meetings every last Saturday of each month at 3 pm at various locations and discuss club outings, show our fellow members our latest finds and compare our (toys) equipment. The meeting location for each month will be posted on site usually a week prior to the meeting.

We have a club newsletter and it’s posted around the first week of each month. The newsletter includes national and local detecting news of interest. Included in the newsletter is our latest finds, news, and planning arrangements for future events.